Journey to You : Her Story. My Words

“This piece is dedicated to a young woman trying to navigate the muddy waters of life & love. Stay true. Always love. Live in your truth.”

You ever feel like there’s something missing

You try your hardest to stay focus

Reminding yourself “tunnel vision”

You’re trying to change, start fresh, really do it right this time

And that’s the very moment when everything but that, tries to plague your mind

So you bury yourself in your books

Get a little selfish and

Dedicate your time to being a better you

But somehow the past deflects the future

And it gets the best of you

You’ve been hurt enough times to know that love can wait

So you try to focus on living your life, getting it right, before you decide to date

But now at night the pangs of lonely start to sting

And the ache of old love still brings emotions

The kind that you no longer have room to deal with

At this point all you want is someone to love, someone you can be real with

And, in someone new, you think you’ve finally found it

But the timing is all wrong

You’re both still so young and trying to find yourselves

Promising each other

That it shouldn’t take that long

That when it’s right it’ll happen

Now you have something to look forward to, someone to make you happy

He’s everything you want . . . a friend, a comfort, a shoulder to cry on

Someone that you know without a shadow of a doubt you can rely on

But you’ve rushed things like this before and you know what it’s like

To lose a friend because you crossed a line that wasn’t done right

So you wait & appreciate the title of friend

But soon enough the past, he rears his ugly head

And you start to sing that old sad love song, again

Because he’s familiar, he’s what you’re use to

But you have to make yourself remember the lies and the pain

And realize

That that’s something you’ll never get use to

You try to convince yourself, you don’t miss him

Questioning, why does your heart still ache?

You pray, how long Lord?

How long will it take to rid him of your system?

How he is & who he’s with, should be none of your business

But somewhere inside the feelings are still there

And even when you don’t want to, you find that you still care

Way more than you should

Why is that we always crave what’s bad

And distance what’s good

The last thing you need is lust

A relationship should be built with substance

Like commitment and trust

Things you know you won’t get from him

Things you deserve, things you will need

Caught between to loves

Hoping that the one will set you free

So that the other might have you

But just as soon as you try to open your heart

He reaches in and grabs you

Proving he still has a hold

But love yourself enough to know that your future

Is brighter than any light he could ever shine on you

Realize that right here and now is the time for you

To be what you were called to be.

And the only thing that was ever missing


And the person you have the potential to be

So live in the now, let the past go

Because that kind of self-love

Is what will set you free

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams

You be the light to the flame

And when you’re ready for love, call its name

Be the lighthouse that guides him back to you

Because love

True love

Is the only thing strong enough to anchor you.



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