Lush Nights Open Mic

So I’m hosting this Open Mic next weekend in conjunction with promotion for an online boutique I just launched and I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I’m worried that the turnout will be less than encouraging or that one of the features won’t show. It’s something about me and events that gets me rattled despite the fact that I LOVE  to plan them. I’m sure everything will go just fine I just always psyche myself up before the event and bombard my mind with scenarios that will probably never happen. I think the most unnerving thing about this event is that I am closing out the show with new material that has never been recited or read before. My stage presence has never lacked luster , but I’m afraid that the emotion from saying these pieces aloud will likely cause me to stumble over my words or forget them all together. And that would be completely embarrassing. I’m just hoping they will be received well. I keep telling my self that everything will be fine. And hopefully sometime before Saturday I’ll actually believe it. Ha!

The title for one of the pieces is called “Ask Me About ” ( No one knows this but you guys!)

And it starts off by saying

“Ask me about the time I said yes , and I should have said no “

Do you guys have a time you that you can recall where this would fit? Anyone out there brave enough to tell their story?

I’ll post the poem (my answer) after the event next Saturday!



2 thoughts on “Lush Nights Open Mic

  1. No need to be nervous Taj.
    I am sure everything will be fine and the Open Mic event will turn out as a great experience for you and all participating people!
    i listened to the spoken words you recorded and posted here in the last days.
    You have a strong and clear voice, which has a calming effect on me.
    Youre words are wisely choosen and they come straight from your heart.
    After this open mic event you will see that anyone enjoyed it and you surely will see that it is something you can be proud on!

    About your question :
    Spontaneous i dont have an answer to it, but i will try to think about something that will be an fitting answer.

    1. Thanks so much ! Your words are very kind and I am sure that you are right ! I worry way too much! And I am interested in what you come up with . I am glad something that I’m writing and saying is reaching people . Thanks again 🙂

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