You Weren’t Ready

-I’m dedicating this piece I wrote several years ago to a new friend, I hope she finds the strength to move on, like I did-

I’ve never wanted anything, anyone as much as I wanted you
Never gave so much, laughed so hard or cried so long, over anybody but you
I never thought it was possible to love as much as I did, as strong as I did, as long as I did
But hey, what did I know about love, I was just a kid myself
But that doesn’t void or invalid how I felt, and at times, how I still feel
But how can I blame you, I should be thanking you, for keeping it real
You actually did me a favor, the hurt I felt is nothing compared to what it could have been
Now looking back im glad it ended before it could begin
Before you had the chance to break my heart, which I knew you would from the start
And to think I was going to let you in, to a part of me, no one ever got the chance to see
Can’t blame you for living your life, by all means, do you
Don’t let me hold you down, I’m just afraid for you that one day when you get
Through playing the games when you look around there won’t be anyone there
Because you taught them how to play the game how to not care so they didn’t
And they had no reason to stay, and you can’t be mad, because you wanted it that way
You see most people like you end up alone, you so busy playing house that you miss out on a home
But I hope that doesn’t happen to you, I actually hope you find her, the girl you need
And as for you and me , I forgive & I set you free; I’m letting you go
Know that I’ll always have love for you, I just won’t ever make the mistake again of falling for you
I realize now that it was never really about me, so I no longer take it personally
I’m no longer hurt, I understand now where you were coming from

I was ready to love , You Weren’t



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