I Guess I’ll See You Next Lifetime

I’ve been hurt more times then I’d like to count

Don’t worry

I won’t bore you with specifics

But there was this one guy

Who I’ll admit

Had me rather addicted

The mere sound of his voice

Was like heroine coursing through my veins

And I didn’t feel a damn bit of conviction

Because I loved him

And for me that was enough

His smile created palpitations

In places I rather not mention

His eyes penetrated layers deep of

Insecurities, he held my attention

I bared my flaws & he only saw beauty

Never once grew weary in his efforts to pursue me

Never once used sex as a means to impress me

His intellect did the talking as his words undressed me

Bare naked though physically clothed

We conversed in language that only he and I would know

My heart beat in sync with the rhythm beneath his feet

His presence invoked passion that ran deep

Deeper than any ocean one could measure

I saw my future in his eyes, it was my pleasure

To exist within the confines of the sacred space in which he breathed

And anytime in his presence I found reason not to leave

But I crossed a line, one he wasn’t willing to follow me over

And I knew he wouldn’t but it was a risk I thought could shoulder

One I thought I could stomach

But my heart grew tired as his kept running

From me

Close but couldn’t be farther from me

But the distance is what he needed

I grew to understand why

And soon enough, that so did I

I wanted more, it was selfish of me to ask

But I would have grown to resent him

If hadn’t

Years later I learned

A love as deep as ours

Never needed defining

And that sometimes

It’s just a matter of timing

And I believe someday

Ours will come

Until then, I accept whatever his heart can bring

Beneath my wings, he is the wind

To me he will always be King

It is bittersweet, I call him friend.



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